Eco-action on Khankandi-Lachin road continues for 127 days

Eco-action on Khankandi-Lachin road continues for 127 days

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The protest action on the Khankandi-Lachin road against the illegal exploitation of mineral deposits in the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan has been going on for 127 days. Eco-activists are very active as in the first days of the demonstrations. They invariably demand an end to ecological terror in the Azerbaijani territories.

The rally, which began on the morning of December 12 last year, continued on the night of April 17. Participants of the action demonstrate firm will and perseverance.

Safety rules are observed during the action, no incidents were recorded throughout the night.

Eco-activists traditionally started the day with the performance of the National Anthem of Azerbaijan.

Volunteers and representatives of NGOs taking part in the action chant slogans: "Azerbaijan is the owner of its mineral resources!", "End environmental crimes!", "Stop eco-terror!", "Protect nature!", "No to ecocide! Yes to monitoring!"

They do not hinder the movement along the road.