Hər daşı yaddaşa çevrilən İçərişəhər və sirli Qız qalası I PEŞƏKARLAR: 10.12.2022



Be it a musician, an actor, painter, filmmaker, historian, doctor, teacher. It does not matter. The most important thing is to be a professional of your field. Nowadays, professionals say their word in all fields of the society.
On the “PROFESSIONALS” program prepared by the Information Programs Chief Studio, conversations are held with professionals of their fields, and their creative activity and interesting events in their lives are touched upon.
The presenter of the program is Dilara Salim. The program talks about genius artists, famous figures of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has always been proud of its musicians, actors, painters, filmmakers, historians, doctors, teachers and professionals of other areas. The main purpose of the program is to enlighten the new generation.

21:30 / Friday