EKOetika | Lənkəran | 30.10.2022



It is impossible to imagine the modern lifesyle of the mankind without ecology. Living without knowing the basics of ecology is as hard as living without knowing writing, reading, counting. Over the past years, numerous textbooks, popular scientific books have been published, journals reflecting relations between people and nature have been issued. Even television, radio stations and newspapers are not indifferent towards ecological education. The presenter of the “ECOETHICS” program is Orkhan Jabbarli. The program talks about the ecological situation of the Azerbaijani nature, situation of state reserves – lakes, forests, plains, animals, birds, fishes living there, rules of how ethically behave in nature. At the same time, it is possible to find answers to all questions related to nature on the program. Conversations about the preservation of ecology, expert opinions are the main topic of the program.

18:30 / Saturday