The horrors experienced by 29 Azerbaijanis who were surrounded for 113 days on AzTV - NEW MOVIE

The horrors experienced by 29 Azerbaijanis who were surrounded for 113 days on AzTV - NEW MOVIE

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"Azerbaijan telefilm" Creative Union of "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" CJSC prepared a documentary film about the tragedy that occurred in Bashlibel village during the occupation of Kalbajar region in 1993.

According to the Public Relations and Social Media Department of CSC, the film "Baslibel: siege diary" was filmed based on the memories of 29 Azerbaijanis who escaped from Armenian armed forces and took refuge in the mountains.

Thus, during the occupation of the region, 62 people who did not leave their native lands took refuge in the mountains. However, they managed to hide for only 17 days. On April 18, 1993, Armenian bandits discovered the hiding place of women, children and the elderly. These people resisted the enemy with only two shotguns and several automatic weapons that were in the soldiers protecting the population.

During the occupation of Bashlibel, Armenian bandits shot 27 people, burned 1 person alive, and tortured to death 1 villager suffering from mental illness. 19 villagers were taken hostage. 30 people who were able to save their lives from enemy bullets retreated to the mountains and lived under siege for another 113 days. Those people who survived faced death many times and remained hungry and thirsty for days. After 113 days - on July 17, they left the shelter and managed to get out of the siege of the Armenian army through secret mountain roads by moving only at night. 93-year-old Alasgar Kazimov did not leave his native village and stayed in the shelter.

In the film, Azerbaijanis who managed to escape from the hands of the enemy return to those places, find the places where they spent their fearful days, look at the things they left behind and talk about those horrors.

The scriptwriter of the film is Elkhan Salahov, the director is Parviz Hasanov.

The documentary "Bashlibel: Siege Diary" will be broadcast on AzTV on October 31, November 1, 2, 3 at 9:00 p.m. You can also watch the film on AzTV's social network accounts.