“One day” of Azerbaijani police to be demonstrated on AzTV

“One day” of Azerbaijani police to be demonstrated on AzTV

23 February, 10:25 Share on social media:

Azerbaijan Television has launched another new project of 2022.

According to AzTV’s Social Media and PR Department, one-day activity of representatives of various occupations is reflected on the project entitled “One day”.

Thus, one field is selected; a representative of that sphere becomes the hero of the program.

The filming crew shoots their entire working day from morning till evening.

So, viewers are informed about what kind of work a professional does in one day.

Despite the fact that the first film of the “One day” project was dedicated to the only female cotton grower who works with a harvester, afterwards, some changes were made to the plans due to the pandemic, as well as the start of the Patriotic War.

The film devoted to the Azerbaijani police – “Without delay” is ready. One-day activity of a police officer is demonstrated in the film. Along with his professional activity, his feelings and excitement as a human are also reflected in the film.

The author of the project is Elchin Musaoghlu, cameraman – Elkhan Rustamov, sound director – Jeyhun Aghayev, producer – Fatima Azimova.

The films are expected to continue in a series.

The film entitled “One day: without delay” will be broadcast on February 23, at 18:30, on AzTV.