"Onсе in 100 years" on AzTV

"Onсе in 100 years" on AzTV

22 December, 15:00 Share on social media:

AzTV has made a special documentary about the works carried out by Azerbaijan in the fight against the coronavirus.

According to Azerbaijan Television's Social Media and PR Department, the film entitled "Onсе in 100 years" talks about Azerbaijan's experience in the efficient fight against the coronavirus.

It is highlighted in the film that President Ilham Aliyev gave instructions in connection with the fight against the coronavirus, and the works on their execution were immediately launched. The application of certain lockdowns and restrictions is also reflected in the film.

The documentary draws attention to the preventive measures taken by Azerbaijan while there were no places in hospitals for infected patients abroad. It is noted that new hospitals have been commissioned in the country.

The scriptwriter and director of the film is Vafa Aghabalayeva. The film will be broadcast on December 22, at 21:00, on AzTV.