95+65 and 44 days of the triumph of the Victory

95+65 and 44 days of the triumph of the Victory

6 November, 18:00 Share on social media:

95 and 65 are the ages of our Radio and Television, and 44 is the number which is the symbol of the 30-year longing, our joy of the victory written with blood. Our citizens, who were in front of their TV screen for 24 hours, demonstrated the unity of the nation, state and army by uniting as one fist, believed in the success and complete victory!

Yes, for the first time in 200 years, the sons of this nation have liberated our lands from the enemy’s occupation. Surely, there is a share of our Television and Radio in this Victory.

Azerbaijan Television and Radio, which experienced the pulse of those, who fought on the frontline in the Patriotic War, not only recorded the echo of the –day war in its reportages, audio and videos, but also experienced its most responsible and glorious period!

Everyone from the chairman, editor-in-chief of our television and radio to a correspondent, cameraman, light technician, editor, driver was mobilized in all the spheres of production and did not leave the screen without information! It seems to me that throughout these 44 days, TV viewers experienced excitement, joy, sorrow and happiness of the victory on programmes which they watched on the screen of our television. Every employee of our radio and TV understood how important information from the frontline was for a viewer, especially those whose sons or relatives were on the battlefield. Therefore, we scrupulously and attentively checked each sentence, each footage, all materials prepared for the broadcast. We were not tired of checking the authenticity of the simplest information and news, because we understood very well the significance of this information, and my colleagues handled this responsible job with dignity!

In one word, we were everywhere with our camera and microphone! Every day, we were with those, who were engaged in agriculture risking their lives, volunteers, who rendered assistance on the frontline, medical employees, who were fighting the pandemic and whose hearts were net to our servicemen, with those, who tried to provide with food, in short, with those, who were engaged in daily care, with Ganja residents, who woke up at night form the sound of rockets fired by the Armenians, residents of Barda, Tovuz, Mingachevir, who were subjected to fire every day, but did not abandon their houses! Those, who recorded with tears in their eyes the tragedy of the innocent people of great Nizami’s motherland, those, who made reportages from Tartar, Barda. They were our young colleagues, brave and ready to sacrifice their lives for the Motherland. These young people presented the valuable footages of Azerbaijan’s military history. I am confident that one day, these valuable materials will become a very valuable source for historians, those who want to make a documentary or feature film. During 44 days, every evening, we waited for tweets and speeches of our President, our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the guarantor of our victory, Mr. Ilham Aliyev who shouldered the burden and responsibilities of the war.

From the first sentence of our President, we felt that today, our army has liberated several villages from the enemy.

You should have seen the reports and broad video materials prepared from his official meetings with numerous foreign guests, who arrived in our country, especially with the “journalists”, who were sponsored by the Armenians or those took an online interview and asked provocative questions. Our President answered their questions with composure, wisdom, made each of them keep silence and based his answers on historical facts.

The cameras and microphones of the 65-year-old Azerbaijan Television and 95-year-old Radio are everywhere today like during the 4-day war which has gone down in history.

May our television and radio always be in your houses and may our love for you never remain unanswered! May our holiday be blessed and our victory eternal!


Telli Panahgizi