28-12-2010 | 15:57        


“Announcement of 2010 the Year of Ecology on the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev has had symbolic character for this priority direction. The actions taken in line with this systematic program over the past 5 year led to implementation of large scale ecological projects, increase in expenses and attention to this sector as well as with record level of planting of greenery”. In his interview to Azerbaijan Television related to the outcomes of the year of ecology, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Huseyn Baghirov stated that 8 million trees had been planted this year. “Though announcement of 2010 the Year of Ecology in Azerbaijan was remarkable for development of various ecology related projects, greenery planting ones made up the framework of the year.” Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Huseyn Baghirov said that planting of 8 million trees in the country had become a nationwide movement of the year of ecology. The Minister said that the large scale measures early this year began with a project of greening unfavorable areas of the Absheron Peninsula. The project that involved planting of 3 million trees at the initial stage meant realization of a large technological industrial program, as planting of trees in these territories required study of water resources, application of the drop irrigation system, purification of sewage waters, land erosion and principles of economical approach. Huseyn Baghirov said all these actions had been accomplished owing to the state’s economic potential. Only afterwards, 100 thousands of trees were planted along the Baku-Guba, Baku-Salyan, Baku-Shemakha and Baku-Alat highways and 60 thousand trees in Baku. Green areas of Asheron are planned to be expanded a few times. The Minister said that planting trees was jus the top of an iceberg, as the measure include decontamination of littered and oil polluted area, set up of irrigation systems, drill of wells and construction of pomp houses. Tree planting was accompanied by programs by type of climate and public campaigns. Some 250 thousand special young plants have been brought from Turkey and Italy during the year to enrich the olive species. 73% of the plantings has taken root in Absheron’s most severe areas. The year of ecology was not made up of tree planting campaigns. During the year various ecological forums and outreach events have been arranged, work has been carried out for cooperation with NGOs and protection of landscapes and geological researches have been done. Starting from the next year 10 million trees will be planted in the country annually. Outreach activities will also enhance to form contemporary ecological thinking