30-12-2010 | 15:51        


A delegation led by General Director of Youth and Sport of Turkey Yunus Akgul has come on a 3 day visit to Azerbaijan. The aim is to discuss sport cooperation issues with Azerbaijani and Turkish youth.
General Director of Youth and Sport of Turkey Yunus Akgul and the delegation he heads visited National Leader heydar Aliyev’s tomb at the Alley of Honor and paid him homage.The outstanding ophthalmologist, Academician Zarifa Alieyva’s memory was also honored.Then, the delegation visited the Alley of Martyrs to revere the memory of those who died for the country’s territorial integrity and laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame monument.The guests also paid tribute to the Turkish soldiers who became martyrs liberating Baku from Bolshevik-Armenian Dashnaks. During the meeting between Yunus Akgul and Azerbaijan Minister of Youth and Sport Azad Rahimov an exchange of views was made on future cooperation of the youth between the two countries. The minister talked of the state care for the youth and sport in Azerbaijan. Informing the guests that 206 out of 675 medals won by Azerbaijani athletes in 2010 were won in Olympic events, Azad Rahimov said that Azerbaijan had hosted some 50 international competitions this year and Turkish sportsmen had taken an active part in all of them. General Director of Youth and Sport of Turkey Yunus Akgul stressing existence of historical roots between the fraternal countries highlighted the importance of this kind of events. During the meeting decisions were made to hold the days of the Azerbaijani youth in Turkey and the days of Turkish youth in Azerbaijan, as well as to arrange a bicycle race from Nakhchivan to Ighdir on the occasion of December 31st - the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis, a hiking to Aghri Mount and a contest on “What do you know about Azerbaijan?”. Further, the Turkish guests came to the Youth Students Organizations Union. Here the guests were shown an exhibition of handworks by university students members to the union.