Aida Imanguliyeva remembered

20-09-2011 | 11:05        


September 19th is the day of remembrance of one of prominent representatives of intelligentsia of the 20th century, the outstanding orientalist, translator, Doctor of Philology, Professor Aida Imangulieva, who is one of the most serious researchers of the new Arabic literature representing more than 20 countries of the world. Aida Imangulieva went down history as the first Muslim woman-orientalist, the first woman arabist, a researcher of the Arabian migrant literature and the founder of school of the Arabic literary criticism in Azerbaijan. The Lord gave her everything. She was born on the finest season, month and day. As if, she was embodiment of tenderness, delicacy and beauty. However, she was beautiful not only from outside. Her thoughts, her attitude, her sight of the world and people, her character and generosity were also beautiful. Everybody who saw her and were familiar with it, say that this beauty was reflection of internal and spiritual beauty.

Aida Imangulieva was born into a family of a representative of intelligentsia, a great luminary, the teacher of modern journalists Nasir Imanguliev. Intelligence that was inherited by her through blood and genes, accompanied her throughout her life. She became the spouse of a fine writer who brought up a big army of readers, a real teacher Mir Jalal Pashaev. Their families were connected by university. She picked out the faculty of oriental studies and since university years captured attention of the teachers. Aida Imangulieva put a task for herself - to investigate the migrant Arabic literature.

Leaving Baku University, Aida Imangulieva started postgraduate study at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow, on faculty of the Arabic philology.

Long time efforts transformed her not only in one of the prominent representatives of the Azerbaijan school of oriental studies - Aida Imangulieva became one of founders of a course of a new Arabic literature in the USSR and became famous as the most serious researcher of this field.

She was destined to fundamentally investigate the new Arabic literature representing covering more than 20 countries of the world. Her foreign colleagues, world famous scholars used to remark that Aida-khanum was an irreplaceable expert in this sphere. «She was one of the best scholars in the former Soviet Union, might be the first», - they said, underlining necessity of republishing the works on the new Arabic literature. Aida Imangulieva also was a skillful organizer: the fact that she was promoted to the post of the director from younger research assistant at the Oriental Studies Institute speaks for this.

Her purposeful activity turned her in the first Muslim woman-scholar-orientalist in history, the first woman-arabist, a researcher of the Arabic migrant literature and the founder of the school of the Arabic literary criticism in Azerbaijan.

She used to set lofty, principled tasks, and persistently materialized them. Unfortunately, a sudden death that overtook her left no choice, without having allowed her to make all her dreams come true. And the works done during lifetime, were enough for her to remain in history despite the death. Eternal memory and unforgettable recollections testify to it.