Unstable weather conditions to hold till June 8th

04-06-2011 | 10:12        


Unstable weather will hold in the country till the 8th of June. According to the National Hydrometeorological Department of the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry, it will rain, thunder in some regions. The unstable weather conditions observed in the republic will hold till June 8th. According to the information received from the National Hydro-meteorological Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, it will rain and thunder in various parts of the country. Unstable weather conditions are forecasted for the regions. Though no rain is expected in the daytime, it is predicted to rain and thunder in the evening and at night. Torrential rains and even hail will fall in some regions. The temperature in the Central Lowland will reach 21-30 degrees, 16-21 degrees in the Uplands. According to Asif Verdiyev, Chief Hydro-Meteorologist of the Hydro-Meteorological Forecast Bureau, changeable cloudy and mainly rainless weather is forecasted in Baku and the Absheron peninsula during 3 days. This weather condition will last till June 8th. On June 5th and June 6th short rains are expected in the peninsula. Mild south-east wind will be replaced by north-east wind. At the weekend, the temperature is expected to be 22-27 degrees in the daytime and 20-25 degrees on June 6th.