Ancient settlement discovered in Sheki

04-06-2011 | 10:08        


An ancient dwelling place has been discovered in Sarija village of Shaki region. The discovered examples will offer opportunities to study the history of Azerbaijan more profoundly. Previously, porcelain ware has been discovered on the left bank of the Archiyan River in Sheki’s Sarija village in various periods, but it was the first time an ancient settlement was found here. Archeological digs in the surrounding areas revealed that this place had been a settlement from the 3rd-4th centuries B.C. to 4th-5th A.D. People that used to inhabit this area with a graveyard and art samples are believed to have been engaged both in agriculture and craft activity. According to Nasib Mukhtarov, an archeologist, materials found in these graves cover the Yaloyultepe culture of the Caucasian Albania. Kitchen utensils have been discovered in the area. This fact testifies to a highly developed period of the Yaloyultepe culture. The fact that the buried bodies were crouched completely, there were no signs on the graves, the vessels around them were placed in a manner peculiar to the Caucasian Albania of antiquity shows that this culture developed from antique times to earlier Middle Ages. Investigations in the territory are carried on. Currently the process of preservation of the monument is underway.