AZAL purchases Boeing-767

04-06-2011 | 10:07        


Azerbaijan Airlines continues to update its aircraft park. Azal has recently bought one more Boeing 767 meeting the most modern standards from the USA’s biggest aircraft producer Boeing. Rapid economic growth of the Azerbaijani Economy becomes apparent in air service sector as well. Today, the Heydar Aliyev International Airport for the quality and security service can be compared to the world’s most famous airports. To demonstrate the developments rates of aviation in Azerbaijan, we shall review this field in the neighboring countries: the number of aircrafts on international flights in Russia is 17, while the number of those on regional flights surpasses 30. The situation with the aircraft fleet in Armenia is very low. Thanks to President Ilham Aliyev’s attention AZAL refreshes its fleet purchasing most contemporary aircrafts. Now modern airplanes are used for domestic flights as well. Purchase of a Boeing 767 passenger plane from the USA just recently is another success of Azerbaijan’s civil aviation.  The ceremony arranged in Seattle, USA on the occasion of purchase of the Boeing 767 passenger plane was attended by Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to US Yashar Aliyev, Azerbaijan’s Consul General in Los Angeles Elin Suleymanov, AZAL Vice-President Ilham Amirov, Vice-President of Boeing Martin Bentrott and other officials. Bringing Boeing 767-300 ER plane in Azerbaijan will open opportunities to make direct transatlantic flights. The passenger capacity of the airliner traveling at speed of 870 km/h is 198 and it can cover more that 11 thousand km. Flights to be organized on the other side of the Ocean will be beneficial for passengers from the neighboring countries. It means people from Georgia, Middle Asia and Near East will be able to fly to US from Baku rather than lose time by going from London or Frankfurt. It could be stated beforehand that there will be no passenger problem on transatlantic flights. On the other hand, AZAL will consolidate its place in the international arena. Vice-President of Boeing Martin Bentrott described purchase of a new airliner as a manifestation of the Azerbaijani leadership’s great attention to and care of aviation. AZAL Vice-President Ilham Amirov said that this kind of aircrafts along with enriching AZAL’s fleet would serve to consolidate the Concern’s international image. Flying from Seattle to Baku for 14 hours, the plane was welcomed with big solemnity at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport