Documentary “Cradle of destroyed culture-Shusha” presented

04-05-2011 | 18:55        


A documentary film “The cradle of destroyed culture- Shusha” has been presented. The film is devoted to the 19th anniversary of the occupation of Shusha.

 A documentary “Cradle of destroyed culture-Shusha” produced by the Azerbaijani Community of Garabag and Regional Legal and Economic Awareness public union is a short tour through the history. The films deals with the contributions Shusha, one of the ancient cultural centers of Azerbaijan, has made to the culture of Azerbaijan, the East and the world, as well as the Russian policy to settle Armenians in Daglig Garabag and the vandalism Armenians committed in Shusha. Facts and documents confirming destruction of cultural, historical and religious monuments of Azerbaijan and graveyards have been illustrated in the film. Director of the film is Etibar Mammadov, the scriptwriter is Bullur Javadgizi, the editor is Kamala Pashayeva, and the scientific reviewer is Dr. of Historical Sciences Musa Gasimov. According to MP Ganira Pashayeva, Chief Advisor of the film, the film will be screened in foreign countries along with Azerbaijan. Director of the Institute of History Yagub Mahmudov also appreciated the film. According to him, more films must be produced to deliver to the world community the tragedies committed by Armenianas against Azerbaijan. The world must be aware that Armenian vandals not only occupied this city but also violated the rights of all residents of Shusha who became IDPs. The historian says that Armenians by committing barbarism in Azerbaijan destroyed a part of the world history and world culture. Head of the Azerbaijani Community of Garabag Bayram Safarov also thanked the producers of the film and expressed desire for similar projects to be realized in the future.