“Cyber and national security. NATO policy and national vision”

04-05-2011 | 18:47        


Conference on the theme “Cyber and national security. NATO policy and national vision” has started in Baku. The conference is organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies, Center for Strategic Studies under President and Embassy of Romania in Azerbaijan, which is NATO Contact Point Embassy in the country. Opening the event, Gulshan Pashayeva, Deputy Director of the Strategic Research Center said development of ICT sector had made creation of legal framework in this sphere a necessity. Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Elmir Velizade said ISO standards had been worked out and applied in the country. Yet there’s a need to study NATO’s practice in this field. According to Head of Department at the Ministry of National Security Karim Karimov, who made a report on “Control of cyber threat and crimes”, fight against cyber crime should have a transnational character and a complex approach should be applied for this kind of problems. Romanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Nicolae Ureche made a speech at the event on “NATO cyber defense policy after Lisbon summit”. Director of Information and Technologies Institute Rasim Aliguliyev stressed the necessity of establishment of an international legal framework to ensure information security.  The participants also discussed cyber attacks on the web pages of state and strategic importance, international cyber security, NATO’s policy in the filed of cyber and information security, international experience in the mentioned fields.