ELS-Independent Research Center announces public survey results

21-12-2017 | 10:40        


If the presidential elections were held in Azerbaijan next Sunday, the vast majority of respondents in Baku - 85.2 per cent - would have voted for President Ilham Aliyev, according to a public survey conducted by ELS-Independent Research Center.

The survey revealed that 92.8 per cent of the respondents assessed the current socio-political situation in Azerbaijan as stable. 91.4 per cent said they approve of President Ilham Aliyev`s foreign policy. On the domestic policy, the majority (84.7 per cent) said they are satisfied with it.

The poll also revealed that 62.9 per cent of respondents highly appreciate the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva as First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The poll involved 4560 respondents in 68 regions of the country.