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President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich arrived in Azerbaijan on an official visit

28-04-2011 | 19:40        


On April 28th, President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich arrived in Azerbaijan on an official visit. On April 18th Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich was given an official welcome in Azerbaijan. A guard of honor was lined up at the square outside the Presidential Palace. The President of Ukraine was warmly welcomed by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Chief of the guard of honor reported to President Victor Yanukovich. The national anthems of Azerbaijan and Ukraine were performed. The two Presidents inspected the ceremonial Guard of Honor. The Azerbaijani officials were introduced to Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich, while members of the Ukrainian delegation to President Ilham Aliyev. The guard of honor marched in review. Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Victor Yanukovich then posed for photographs.

Following the official welcoming ceremony, Presidents Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and Victor Yanukovich of Ukraine met in private. During the meeting, the presidents said bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Ukraine were developing successfully in a variety of fields. They stressed the importance of high-level reciprocal visits in terms of strengthening relationship. The presidents said good potential exist for development of cooperation between the two countries in political, economic, energy, humanitarian and other spheres. The parties also exchanged views bilateral, regional and international issues.

Then the 3rd meeting of the Council of the Azerbaijani and Ukrainian Presidents was held. Welcoming the Ukrainian President, President Ilham Aliyev expressed hope that Victor Yanukovich’s first visit to Azerbaijan as President of Ukraine would be successful and fruitful. President Aliyev said that the key directions of Azerbaijan-Ukraine cooperation had been defined. The head of state highlighted the fruitful activity of the intergovernmental commission and the developing political dialogue. He said the agenda of the meeting of the Council of Presidents was broad, comprehensive and concrete. The head of state expressed hope that at the end of the meeting future cooperation directions would be defined. “We highly value these relations and I am sure that development of sustainable relations between Ukraine and Azerbaijan would give an impetus to wider regional relationships”, President Ilham Aliyev said.

President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich thanked the Azerbaijani leader for the invitation to pay an official visit to Azerbaijan. Saying both countries had been strategic partners for a long while, he described the fact as an example of how relations between two close countries should be established. Noting that the bilateral relations were developing successfully, Victor Yanukovich highlighted the good work of the intergovernmental commission and sub-committees. He cited a significant growth in trade turnover last year reaching a record level as an efficient result of this activity. Saying it was not a limit, the Ukrainian President expressed assurance that the two countries had wider opportunities. “It’s a pleasure for me to see Azerbaijan Ukraine’s trade partner number two after Russia”, President Yanukovich concluded.

Following the third meeting of Council of Presidents of Azerbaijan and Ukraine several bilateral documents were signed between Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

Presidents Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine signed Joint Declaration on future development of strategic partnership relations of Presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine. The heads of state also signed the Protocol of the third meeting of the Council of Presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine and the Action Plan on Comprehensive Cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine for 2011-2015.

Afterwards, both Presidents made a joint statement for press. Saying that it was the first visit of Victor Yanukovich to Azerbaijan as President of Ukraine, President Ilham Aliyev stressed that the talks held once again proved that the relations between our countries and nations were close. The Azerbaijani leader, recalling his visit to Ukraine at the end of the last year, stated that our countries supported each other within international organizations. President Ilham Aliyev said settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Daghligh Garabagh conflict was also discussed during the talks among others. “I want to thank Ukraine for principled position on the settlement of the conflict. It is reflected in the joint statement signed today”, President Aliyev said, adding that the document says the conflict must be resolved based on international legal principles, with respect to territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries and the principle of inviolability of borders. President Ilham Aliyev said that economic relations were also a topic of discussion. Rapid growth of trade turnover was met with optimism. He noted that there were investment projects to be implemented. Military and technical cooperation is also deepening. Energy sector is another area of cooperation.

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich said that almost all issues and the mechanisms of their materialization had been discussed at the meetings earlier. Recalling his visit to Azerbaijan 5 years ago, the guest said today Azerbaijan’s capital had changed and got more beautiful. He said all this proved that Azerbaijan was developing at rapid pace. The President of Ukraine said Azerbaijan-Ukraine relations rested on deep roots and highlighted National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s irreplaceable services in developing these relations. Victor Yanukovich touched on the joint investment projects. The distinguished guest also noted that a number of scientific projects had also been a subject of discussion. The Ukrainian President once again thanked the Azerbaijani leader for the hospitality. Then, Presidents of Azerbaijan and Ukraine answered questions of the reporters.   

Later the same evening, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev hosted an official reception in honor of President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich.