President Ilham Aliyev attends annual meeting of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

26-04-2011 | 21:05        


On April 26th, the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences held the annual general assembly. President Ilham Aliyev attending the meeting also inspected the reconstruction works carried out in the National Academy of Sciences. President Ilham Aliyev first was introduced to renovation and rehabilitation works carried out outside the building of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. President of the Academy Mahmud Karimov said that the research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences in the area had undergone reconstruction, the buildings had been repaired and large green belts had been planted in the territory. He noted that reconstruction and repairs launched in 2008 had been completed, the working rooms had been supplied with necessary equipment and every working condition had been created in the building. President Ilham Aliyev had a look at photos reflecting the building before and after the reconstruction. Then, President Ilham Aliyev attended the annual general assembly of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Speaking at the ceremony, President of the Academy Mahmud Kerimov said that important actions had been taken to strengthen the material and technical basis of the academy and to improve the social welfare of the employees recently. Over the past period, under the head of state’s instructions Shamakhy National Astrophysical Observatory, the National Museum of History and the Museum of Literature named after Nizami have been renovated. The Academy President highlighted National Leader Heydar Aliyev merits to preserve the academy. Then, one minute’s silence was kept in remembrance of the academy members who passed away last year.  Mahmud Karimov announced the agenda of the meeting. He thanked President Ilham Aliyev for joining this event. The head of state took the floor. Expressing gratitude to scholars for inviting him to the Academy, President Ilham Aliyev said the academy had undergone very beautiful repair and reconstruction works.  Stating that concrete actions had been taken to consolidate the material and technical basis of the National Academy of Sciences, President Aliyev added that this policy would be carried on. The head of state cast a glass at the history of the Academy established in 1945 and difficulties and hardships it had gone through, as well as National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s role in revival of the National Academy of Sciences in the years of independence. “Azerbaijan’s elite is concentrated in the Academy”, President Ilham Aliyev said, adding there can be no progress in the country without developing science. Touching on importance of keeping in the focus of the link between the scientific researches the economic policy pursued in the country, the head of state highlighted the services of the Scientific Development Fund. Making remarks on scientific achievements of our scholars, President Ilham Aliyev highlighted the significance of researches by Azerbaijani geologists in the 20th century. He said owing to their scientific discoveries, today Azerbaijan has become the main factor in energy security of Europe. “Development of the Azerbaijani economy is a global phenomenon”, said President Ilham Aliyev, noting that priorities of scientific development made the foundation stone of this progress. Saying important actions were being taken to ensure food security in Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev stressed the emergency of establishment of an agrarian division of the Academy. He noted that at present the policy of modernization was carried out in the country, steps were taken related to scientific-technological progress in the country, the process of establishing a space industry in Azerbaijan was underway and it’s a state policy. Development of ICT sector is primarily aimed at building intellectual capacity and supporting the process of modernization in the country. A military-industrial complex is being now established in the country. Today Azerbaijan produces 430 kinds of military goods and this figure is to rise in the future. Saying development of liberal arts was also in the center of attention, the head of state praised the level of researches made in this field. The head of state stated that existence of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghligh Garabagh conflict gave rise to necessity of writing research works on the history of the country and the region. Touching on the importance of works dealing with the history of the Iravan Khanate, the head of state highlighted the significance of increasing the number of weighty scientific publication proving that Daghligh Garabagh is an original and ancient part of Azerbaijan. President of the National Academy of Sciences Mahmud Karimov gave information about scientific researches made in 2010 and their directions. Further, Academicians Akif Alizadeh, Ismayil Hajiyev, Akif Hajiyev, Vagif Farzaliyev and Bakir Nabiyev made reports. Expressing his attitude concerning the proposals made, President Ilham Aliyev said the issues raised would soon be solved. President of the Academy Mahmud Karimov once again thanked the head of state for care of and attention to scientists. Following the meeting, President Ilham Aliyev was briefed on actions taken to construct and renovate some building to make up the structure of the Academy in the future. The head of state inspected reconstruction and renovation operations carried out in other parts of the Academy.