MNS detained 20 drug smugglers over last month

26-04-2011 | 20:52        



20 drugs smugglers were detained in the past month as a result of the operations carried out by the Ministry of National Security to combat illicit drug turnover. A total of 27 kg of drugs were seized from them. As a result of the operations, the members of the organized gang were detained. Citizens of Azerbaijan – Shamilov Namig, Khubaliyev Serraf, Alakbarova Arzu, Shamilov Tahir, Yaraliyev Ramiz, Bakirov Vusal, Gasimova Asya, Shamilov Majid and others smuggled a great deal of drugs from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan. The gang obtained and kept illegal firearms and munitions and resisted to the government representatives fulfilling their duties. Though some of the staff members of the Ministry of National Security were injured during the operation, the measures to neutralize the gang members were completed successfully. During the search, one Mauser pistol, 7 rounds for it, about one kg of heroin as well as 24 rounds of various gages were found and confiscated. As a result of another operation carried out by the Ministry of National Security, citizens of Azerbaijan – Idrisov Bahram and Alakbarov Tarlan were detained, 2.784 kg heroin was seized from them. Citizens of Azerbaijan – Nagiyev Samir, Abbasov Azad and Nasirova Saida were also detained over illicit drug turnover in a special operation. 12.757 kg of hashish was seized from them. Azerbaijanis – Hasanov Nizami, Safiyev Gachay and Garayev Chingizkhan were detained as a result of another 0operation. As a result, over 570 gr. of heroin was seized. Tahirov Aflatun Ahmad was detained on April 23, some 10 kg of hashish was seized from him. Criminal cases were launched on all the facts, investigation is underway.