Which countries to join Eurovision 2018

30-10-2017 | 12:07        


Preparations are in full swing for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest as Portugal gears up to host the music fest next year. Which countries will be joining the party? Will there be any comebacks? withdrawals? debuts? How many countries are coming to Lisbon?

Around 40 plus countries are expected to join the party next year in Lisbon. The maximum number of countries permitted to compete in next year’s contest is 46, whilst the Grand Final will feature a total of 26 nations battling for the Grand Prix. 10 countries from each semifinal proceed to the Grand Final, thus 20 nations will join the host country Portugal and the BIG Five (Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and France) on 12 May.

A total of 40 countries have confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2018 so far. The deadline for broadcasters to apply for participation concluded on 15 September and the grace period for applicant countries to withdraw their application without facing a financial penalty concluded on 10 October.