Construction operations in Shahdagh Winter-Summer Tourism Complex underway

25-04-2011 | 11:40        


Construction of an elevator base along with rope-ways and ski slope of the Shahdagh Winter-Summer Tourism Complex is about to be completed. The works are carried out in accordance with high standards at the complex construction of which started in 2009. Most of the works of the 1st stage have been completed at the Shahdagh Winter-Summer Tourism Complex that is of special importance both in terms of its function and extra-ordinary project structure. President Ilham Aliyev shows great care of and attention to the project. The Azerbaijani government finances all the works related to establishment of necessary infrastructure including construction of roads, power lines and water and sewage systems. Leading companies of Austria, Sweden, Turkey, the US, Italy and UAE are involved in the construction of the complex where 4 more ski tracks are to be put into operation in winter season of 2011-2012. Building of cableways is still underway. 9 rope-ways are to be built in the 1st stage. An Austrian company is engaged in construction of roads as it possesses large experience in this sector. At present, works are in progress on the 3rd floor of a four star 346 person hotel. The project also envisages building of a five star 321 person and a 3 star 276 person hotels at lower elevator base. Construction of the complex covering 2 thousand 45 hectares area will be completely over within 8-10 years. The phase one that includes building of all necessary communications - current lines, water- and gas pipelines, sewerage system, the communication channels, 25-kilometre road which will connect Kusar and tourist complex, bridges over the mountain rivers is underway. The road crossing a mountainous terrain will correspond to the world standards of quality and safety and will provide unobstructed passage for cars in any season. The phase 2 includes expansion of a network of lifts and cultural-sports constructions, mass construction of cottages, summer residences. The third phase will cover creation of new ski tracks and Continuation of expansion of a residential zone. Lifts with closed mono - gondolas for 8 persons, also chair lifts for skiers’ transportation on the top of the ski tracks with full accoutrements will be used here, too. Ski tracks are designed with various degree of complexity - for professionals, beginners and children. Artificial snowmaking units will be placed along the tracks. Such installations are available in all popular winter resorts of the world that make possible to keep ski tracks open all wintertime irrespective of precipitations. Tennis courts, football and basketball grounds, indoor sports facilities and pools, entertaining-game complexes will be placed there. Hiking and horse trips, possibility of climbing will be offered to the guests. Shopping centers, restaurants, entertaining, service and social objects, ground and underground parking lots are planned to be built here. There will be one more recreation center with camping for tourists arriving for a few days in the eastern part of the complex. Such scheme will allow to separate tourists’ streams, to exclude crowd and overpopulation and to reduce cars’ entrance to the basic zone of the complex.