Book “Armenian issue in 120 documents of Russian state archives” presented

21-04-2011 | 15:52        


Turkish scholar Mehmet Perincek presented his book “Armenian issue in 120 documents of the Russian state archives” in Moscow. The book compiled on the basis of materials of the Russian state archives had been published in Turkey earlier.The author made a speech at the presentation ceremony held at the Moscow’s Book Center and gave information about the book. He had worked with the Russian archives for almost 10 years to write this book. Perincek said the book denied “Armenian genocide” claims and clarified some historic events differently interpreted by historians. The Armenian issue and Armenian genocide claims are one of the controversial issues concerned Turkey and the world community recently – the author said. According to him, along with Turkey and Armenia tsarist Russia and Soviet Russia were the important witnesses of 1915-1923 events. 120 original documents are saved only in the Russian archives which were published in the book without any explanation and interpretation. Mehmet Perincek says that facts show that Armenian genocide claims are groundless. At those times Turks and Armenians committed tragedies against each other and the imperialist powers which intended to divide Turkey were responsible for those events. Then the author responded to the questions of journalists. Armenian journalists and a representative of the Dashnaksutyun party tried to hinder the presentation ceremony with their improper replications and speeches but couldn’t achieve their goals. The author answered the questions with discretion. He said if Armenia opens its archives to the historians, he will work there with pleasure. At the end, the author presented the guests with the books with his signature.