Temperature to fall in coming 3 days

20-04-2011 | 17:35        


 Unstable weather condition is forecasted as cold air mass is expected to enter the country from the north. The temperature will considerably fall during the coming 3 days. As National Hydrometeorological Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources forecasts, strong wind will blow in the country. On April 20th changeable cloudy, mainly rainless weather will be observed in the capital. Weak fog is expected in the morning. Mild southwest wind will blow. Windy weather will prevail in the Absheron peninsula. The changeable weather condition may negatively impact meteo sensitive people. According to Asif Verdiyev, Head of Hydrometeorological Department windy weather will dominate till April 22nd. Southwest wind will be substituted by northwest wind on April 20th. Unstable weather condition is expected in the country on April 22nd-24th, it will rain, even intensively in some parts of the republic. This may lead to rise of water in mountain rivers. Temperatures will fall by 5-10 degrees in the coming days. On April 21st-22nd, 8-13 degree is forecasted in the capital and 16-21 on April 23rd. the temperature in Central Lowland will reach 12-17 degrees, 4-9 degrees in uplands.