Azerbaijani truth in Israeli media

14-04-2011 | 15:22        


The Jewish journalists, who visited Azerbaijan last month, published various articles in the Israeli mass media. One of them is the article headlined “Israeli journalists deepen cooperation with their Azerbaijani colleagues”.

The article deals with historical and ancient monuments of Azerbaijan. The last visit of journalists to Baku and acquaintance with the new synagogue constructed for Upland Jews were also illustrated in the article. The journalists also visited the old Jewish cemetery and Girmizi Gasaba settlement, a Jewish residential area. It is noted in the article that Azerbaijan is famous for its tolerance and Jews living in Azerbaijan throughout centuries has never faced anti-Semitism. The guests got acquainted with the conditions created here for local Jewish community. Jewish settlement in Guba region of Azerbaijan is dynamically developing and the number of Jewish communities registered in the country is growing. The article also includes information about the visit of journalists to the Guba mass grave.  It was noted that local residents killed during slaughters committed by Armenians and Bolsheviks in 1918 as well as Jews rest in this cemetery. According to experts, remains of over 16 thousand people were discovered in the mass grave.