R.T.Erdogan: “When Daglig Garabag conflict is settled, Turkey will open borders with Armenia”

14-04-2011 | 15:20        


The spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe continues in Strasbourg. The solution of the Daglig Garabagh conflict was the priority in the speeches of the Azerbaijani delegation.

Members of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE said following the debate over the report on "Religious aspects of intercultural dialogue" made by MP from Luxembourg that if PACE listens to Armenian MPs’ lies and slander it means that this organization has some sort of serious problem. First, the organization must solve these problems and dictate their terms to the world. Members of the delegation expressed concern about the growing intolerance and xenophobia in the world and recalled that in 1988 Armenia carried out ethnic cleansing and entire Azerbaijani population was expelled from the country and at present no Azerbaijani lives there. As a result of ethnic cleansing policy in the occupied Azerbaijani lands 20 thousand of Azerbaijanis were killed and one million people became refugees. Mosques belonging to Azerbaijan have been destroyed and historical-cultural monuments have been ruined. The MPs stressed that Azerbaijan is a country where people of various religions and nationality live friendly. Azerbaijan as a bridge between the East and the West as well as between the West and the Islamic World attaches great importance to intercultural and intercivilizational dialogue. The World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue held in Azerbaijan and attended by over 500 religious figures, politicians, press and media representatives and scholars as well as the discussions and adoption of decisions to contribute to Intercultural dialogue is the manifestation of the fact. Today Azerbaijan becomes a place of real dialogue. Turkish Prime Minister Rejeb Tayyib Erdogan who made a speech at the session while responding to the question of a member of the Armenian delegation said: “When the OSCE Minsk Group finds the solution of Daghligh Garabagh problem, we will find the solution to the border problem with Armenia. The Armenian side is taking steps back as a result of the pressures of the Armenian Diaspora abroad and finds it difficult to freely make steps. “We also protect the interests of our friend and brother Azerbaijan and can not admit the violation of their rights by Armenians. Frankly speaking, we must solve these problems. We are ready to open the borders. We have always called on OSCE Minsk Group to be more active regarding Daglig Garabag conflict. The US, France and Russia must increase their efforts for the solution of this conflict. When they find the solution of this problem, we will find the solution of the border problem.” Turkish Prime Minister said. The activity of the subcommittee on Daglig Garabag was also discussed during the spring session. Despite the pressure by Armenia the subcommittee restored its activity, its structure, head and composition have been defined. Towards the end of the session, the committee is to hold meetings and discussions on a number of issues.