The World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue held in continued on 8th April

08-04-2011 | 12:55        


The World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue held in Baku continued on 8th  April. The discussions co-chaired by Azerbaijan’s First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva mainly focused on women’s role in intercultural dialogue.


 Making a keynote speech at the session “Women as key agents of intercultural dialogue” Azerbaijan’s First Lady, co-chair of the session Mehriban Aliyeva Mehriban Aliyeva greeted the guests and spoke about the importance of the forum. Azerbaijan’s First Lady underlined that Baku had recently become a place for intercultural dialogue. Noting that there was strong ground and favorable environment for holding such events in Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva said Azerbaijan was known as a country open to the whole world. “It is possible to feel high tolerance atmosphere in our country at first sight. Various religious centers located side by side in Baku are the evidence and result of this atmosphere. Different opinions and proposals to be sounded in the forum, results of the event are the decent contribution to straightening of the intercultural dialogue”, she said. Unfortunately, this notwithstanding, confrontations are not reduced, but in contrary, increased. Unfortunately, hostility, ethnic cleansing, wars became realities of today’s world, said Mehriban Aliyeva, adding that’s why world countries were world nations were longing for a dialogue. She noted that some say that potential for a dialogue is exhausting gradually. The others believe that the western model should be taken for a basis. “The western model is an ideal model, but it’s not possible that the entire mankind lived that way”, said the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, noting that world resources did afford it. Mehriban Aliyeva said that a dialogue should be built on ethic norms and principles of justice. “We should give our support to this process with out actions”, Mehriban Aliyeva said, adding a constructive dialogue could be reached only through humanism and justice. The other Director of Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue of UNESCO Katérina Stenou thanked UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva for her efficient activity. She noted that the session was very important: “Because this session has been directed to determination of theoretical and practical frame for agitation of the role of women as main representatives of the intercultural dialogue. From this standpoint, intercultural dialogue is considered durable process inspired form joint universal values”. “Culture is also responsible for violation of human rights”, Katérina Stenou highlighted the importance of supporting the search of new elements within the frame of this forum.

Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Council of the Russian Federation Svetlana Orlova expressed assurance that this road beginning in Baku would turn into a world scale platform. She said Azerbaijan was on the first place when it comes to role of women in this regard, as Azerbaijan was the first Eastern country to grant women the right to vote. Svetlana Orlova noted that along with women, education and science also played a significant role in establishment of peace on earth. Also making speeches Mayor of 7th district of Paris Rachida Dati, Director of the Institute for Economic Strategies Alexander Ageev, Member of the Moroccan Parliament Mbarka Buayda, Director of the U.S. Center for Intercultural Dialogue Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Chair of the Mexico Node of the Millennium Project of the World Federation of UN Associations Concepcion Olavarrieta and Chairperson of the Azerbaijani State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs Hijran Huseynova highlighted the importance of the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue and this current session in particular. They also mentioned Azerbaijan’s First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva’s services to promote the country’s cultural heritage. They drew attention to the role of women in building a modern society. They thanked the Azerbaijani government for organization of such an event. A memorial picture was taken in conclusion.