Baku for the 1st time hosts international fashion festival

08-04-2011 | 12:17        


Baku for the 1st time hosts international fashion festival. The event taking place with organizational support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport is mainly attended by representatives of the CIS member states.

The 1st International Fashion Festival has been organized for the purpose of raising interest among the youth in this field and discovering talents. 14 fashion designers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Ukraine took part in the festival and each of them displayed 5 or 6 collections. According to the rules, each garment of the collection reflected national elements. The festival participants enjoyed the performances of the young musicians invited to the festival. In conclusion, models were given special certificates. The festival is to last 2 days and a catalogue of the collections of woman fashion designers is planned to be published.