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March 31st – Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis

31-04-2011 | 22:05        


The Armenians massively settled in the Caucasus beginning from the early 19th century turned this region in a bloodbath in the proper sense of the word. The steps taken by the Armenians for the sake of an idea of established so-called “the Great Armenia” ended in mass massacres and acts of genocide against the Azerbaijanis. This bloody history occurred again and again throughout the 20th century with small breaks. Now, 93 years separate us from that bloody date. History manifests that massacres and acts of` genocide committed by the Armenians rest on one fact. They had been trying by all means to settle down on the Azerbaijani lands and to claim they were aboriginal people. To achieve this mean objective they had to take the Azerbaijanis through slaughter, bloodshed and policy of deportation. The act of genocide committed by the Armenians in Baku and many other regions of Azerbaijan in March 1918 was a key for Armenian’s settling down in the Caucasus. By these brutal deeds they made come true their intent of living in this region and establishing a state on the historic Azerbaijan lands of today’s Armenia.

Ilham Aliyev : ““We don’t come forward with territorial claims against Armenia. But we could, as the territory that Armenian state is located in is ancient Turkic, Azerbaijani lands.”  After regaining independence the people of Azerbaijan got a chance to get an objective picture of its historical past. The true facts that had been kept a secret and banned for long years were made public and misinterpreted events were given worthy assessment.  On March 26 of 1998 national leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev ordered to declare the March 31 as a Day of Genocide against Azerbaijanis. By this a new strategy of approaching the Armenian issue in the Azerbaijani history was determined. At the same time, it was a historical assessment given by the state led by Heydar Aliyev to hardships that the people of Azerbaijan had been facing for centuries. It’s no coincidence that this process was made one of the priority directions in Azerbaijan’s foreign policy. Owing to successful foreign policy carried out by the President of Azerbaijan, the world and international organizations have already recognized Armenia an aggressor country. The Azerbaijani leader’s clear stance regarding this issue proves that there’s and will be no mechanism of separating Daglig Garabag from Azerbaijan.

Ilham Aliyev: “They must understand there, in Armenia that we don’t live in Middle Ages, but in the 21st century and every country should live in accordance with realities of the 21st century. We want peace in the region. We want international legal norms to be ensured. Every aggressor must know that there’s no end of this aggression. This aggression will either end in peace treaty or inevitable defeat”. Azerbaijan is becoming the most powerful country in the region by enhancing its economic and military potential rapidly. If Azerbaijan agreed on no compromises that could have harmed national interests at such sensitive time when the ceasefire agreement was adopted, it’s absurd to expect us to take any wrong step now. Meanwhile, Armenia left aside from large regional energy and infrastructure projects is still forceless to deal with the heavy aftereffects of the global recession.

Ilham Aliyev: “If you take a look at a map, you’ll see that the shortest way to deliver the Caspian hydrocarbon resources to the West lies through Armenia. But it’s only on the map. However, when you’re on the ground you realize that it is the longest one. Until our lands are liberated, this cooperation will remain impossible.” Successive actions have been taken over the past few years to inform the world about the atrocities committed by the Armenians who slanders morality, national dignity and identity of the Azerbaijani people and are political and military aggressors. A campaign carried out with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and covering many cities of the world attracted some 50 diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan and Diaspora organizations abroad to this process. Books and booklets published by the foundation as well as photos reflecting the Khojaly Genocide presented to foreign citizens at events organized at reputable organizations switched the attention to the tragedy of the Azerbaijani people and vandalism of the Armenians. “The Garabag Realities” collection delivered the Azerbaijani realities to the whole world. And “the Justice for Khojaly” campaign became an important stage in the modern history in terms of Azerbaijani youths’ efforts to increase global awareness of the Garabag realities, Azerbaijan’s just position in the settlement of the conflict and all the details of the Khojaly massacre. Internet portal “Azerbaijan” prepared by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in a more perfect form at an international level presents the policy of genocide carried out by Armenian’s against our nation throughout centuries. At the portal consisting of 6 thousand pages one can get any information about our country, as well as the history of the Daglig Garabag conflict. Loyalty and respect to the historic past is among the basic principles of the Azerbaijani state. The memory of our fellow-countrymen massacred by Armenians in Guba in 1918 is cherished even today. The mass grave in Guba is unshaken evidence of the genocide that the Armenians committed against the peaceful local population. Taking all said into account, the Heaydar Aliyev Foundation has undertaken an important mission of establishing the Genocide monument in Guba. “The Genocide” Memorial Complex to be erected in Guba city is a serious step in exposing Armenian crime all over the world, perpetuating the genocide victims as well as preserving the national memory of the younger generation. History is never forgotten and it’s recorded. Despite Armenian atrocities being a bloody page of the Azerbaijani History, the powerful Azerbaijan possessing a solid position in the region it is located, is capable of tackling all problems successfully at all times.