EC President presented BSU’s Honorary Doctor Diploma

15-01-2011 | 14:22        


President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso has been presented Honorary Doctor Diploma at Baku State University. Following the presentation, Jose Manuel Barroso delivered a speech before the teachers and students staff of the University. Welcoming the guest on behalf of the staff of Baku State University, Rector of the educational institution, Academician Abel Maharramov called it a significant event for the University. He said that Jose Manuel Barroso being one of the outstanding politicians of the world had special services in the fields of science and education. He was awarded with diplomas and honorary doctor titles of several universities of the world. Speaking about the Azerbaijan-EU relations, the rector stated that these relations were established in 1999 when the Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation took effect.  He added that national leader Heydar Aliyev attached great importance to these relations. This policy is successfully continued by President Ilham Aliyev. The rector said that Academic Council of Baku State University made a decision on awarding Jose Manuel Barroso with Honorary Doctor Diploma. Abel Maharramov presented the Diploma to the President of the European Commission. I feel honored to be at Baku State University and I’m proud about getting honorary doctor title of the university with rich history of about a century and that educated a number of intellectuals, political figures, Jose Manuel Barroso said. Further, his photo was added to the Honorary Doctors’ corner in the foyer of the university. He expressed satisfaction with being the participant of this process.