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Evacuation of Azerbaijanis from Egypt underway

07-02-2011 | 20:55        


Evacuation of Azerbaijani citizens from Egypt is carried on. Under President Ilham Aliyev’s instructions over 170 Azerbaijanis have been evacuated from this country.

Evacuation of our fellow-countrymen from Egypt in view of recent developments as of January 25th is carried on. Lat week, in line with Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev’s instructions 103 Azerbaijanis were delivered by air from Cairo to Baku. Besides, the Azerbaijani embassy in Egypt has sent some 70 our fellow-countrymen back home. The hotline established at the embassy keep on working. Note that due to the fact that the evacuation is voluntary, around 10 Azerbaijanis are still in Egypt. Employees of the Azerbaijani embassy keep in touch with these people from time to time and inquire about their problems.