Azerbaijani Diaspora activists in US discussed future plans in Washington

11-01-2011 | 15:09        


The Azerbaijani Embassy in the US has held a meeting with the activists of the Azerbaijani Diasporas operating in this country. More comes in the next story. Azerbaijani Ambassador to the United States Yashar Aliyev spoke about Azerbaijan’s growing influence all over the world and development of US-Azerbaijan relations in 2010. He highlighted the services the societies operating not only within but also beyond the borders of the country may render to their nation as carriers of the nation’s culture and traditions. The event was attended by heads and active members of the Azerbaijani Diasporas from Washington, New-York, Houston, Los-Angeles and Miami. They spoke about the works carried out in 2010 as well as their future plans. The attendees noted that the Azerbaijani Diaspora organizations operating in the United States mainly targeted introducing Azerbaijan, its rich history, national customs and traditions as well as culture to the Americans and organizing events on the occasion of the historic days of the Azerbaijanis. The event attendees also underlined the importance of establishment of a coordinating organization for bringing together all the Azerbaijani counterparts residing in various parts of the United States.