Reforms to be carried out in CoE

18-01-2011 | 14:22        


 The Azerbaijani delegation to PACE is making preparations for the winter session of the organization. The delegation taking part in the discussions of the issues on the agenda of the session will also raise priority questions for Azerbaijan.

Winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe is to be held in Strasbourg on January 24th-28th. The parliamentary Elections in Moldova, the Eastern Partnership Program and its impact on economic development in the Eastern Europe, development of democratic institutions in Georgia, fulfillment of the Bern Convention and other issues have been included in the agenda of the session. Human rights and current state of refugees will be kept in the center of attention. The Azerbaijani delegation will again raise the issue regarding the settlement of the Daglig Garabag conflict and the problem regarding restoration of the rights of refugees and IDPs as well as will display Azerbaijan’s decisive position. One of the topics of discussions at the session will be reforms to be carried out at the Council of Europe in terms of meeting modern requirements, exact assessment of current processes that were also suggested by the Azerbaijani delegation. A special committee has been established at the Council of Europe, the oldest organization of Europe, for realization of reforms. Report of the Committee on “Reforms of the Council of Europe” will be submitted at the session. Events will be organized in Strasbourg related to the 10th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s membership to the Council of Europe. The events will be attended by Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Movlud Chavushoglu, representatives of self-governing organizations of Strasbourg and outstanding intellectuals. Co-rapporteurs of the PACE Monitoring Committee will visit Azerbaijan after the session.

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