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"France-24" prepares reportage from Fuzuli

"Le Temps": "Tens of houses are burning in Kalbajar"

Media outlets of Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain cover latest processes in Karabakh


"France-24" prepares reportage from Fuzuli

27 November


"Le Temps": "Tens of houses are burning in Kalbajar"

17 November


Media outlets of Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain cover latest processes in Karabakh

16 November


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"France-24" prepares reportage from Fuzuli

"France-24" TV channel has prepared a reportage from Azerbaijan's Fuzuli region liberated from the Armenian occupation.  The TV channel's special correspondent says that the surro...

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  • "France-24" prepares reportage from Fuzuli

    "France-24" TV channel has prepared a reportage from Azerbaijan's Fuzuli region liberated from the Armenian occupation.  The TV channel's special correspondent says that the surro...

    27 November, 16:50
  • Political crisis in Armenia discussed on "Target" program

    Azerbaijani MP Elshad Mirbashiroghlu, political scientist Zaur Mammadov, political analyst Anastasia Lavrina and MP, political scientist Rasim Musabayov have commented on the drast...

    17 June, 17:15
  • Today, program presenters on AzTV are children

    Azerbaijan Television (AzTV) has taken an interesting step on the occasion of June 1 – the International Children’s Day. Thus, today, co-presenters of all the programs on the tele...

    1 June, 12:00
  • Azerbaijan's initiatives during pandemic in center of world's attention - Discussion on "Target"

    Azerbaijan's initiatives and practical steps during the pandemic and thus, turning into the center of international attention have become the topic of discussions on the "Target" a...

    18 May, 16:45
  • Video about Shusha from AzTV

    Azerbaijan Television (AzTV) has prepared a video entitled "Let us go to Karabakh" dedicated to the 28th anniversary of Shusha's occupation. The most interesting places of the his...

    8 May, 16:05
  • Azerbaijani experts suspicious about coronavirus – Does “mad cow” show continue?

    Groundless, sensational information is circulated in connection with the coronavirus. The number of fake news on social media has increased. Experts say that the dissemination of m...

    13 March, 16:15
  • New feature film on AzTV - "Khojaly is waiting"

    Azerbaijan Television has made a film-composition dedicated to the 28th anniversary of Khojaly genocide. The film-composition entitled "Khojaly is waiting" has been made on the b...

    20 February, 13:05
  • Founder of first and only Children's Cinema School in Azerbaijan on "Youth Station"

    Young painter Elchin Huseyn and film director, painter, founder of the first and only Children's Cinema School in Azerbaijan Galib Mirzaliyev became the guests of the February 17 e...

    18 February, 14:25
  • Most important events of last week commented on "Week" program

    The most important events of last week were commented on Azerbaijan Television’s “Week” analytical-information program. Azerbaijan's successful presentation at the Munich Security...

    17 February, 17:35
  • "Travel with Gunel" in Ganja

    The next edition of "Travel with Gunel" program is dedicated to Ganja. Presenter Gunel visits the city's central square dating back to 400 years, "conquers" the peak named after J...

    4 February, 17:35
  • Why can’t Azerbaijani media go international? – Complaint of Diaspora Chairman

    The smear campaign conducted against Azerbaijan by some foreign circles and the steps needed to be taken against such campaigns have been discussed on Azerbaijan Television's "Main...

    31 January, 15:30
  • What should be done to make the public control mechanism efficient - One more "Main topic"

    29 January edition of Azerbaijan Television’s “Main Topic” program was dedicated to the current state of the public control mechanism in the country. The guests of the program wer...

    30 January, 16:25
  • Deadly virus discussed on "Target" program – Officials talk about measures taken

    Today’s edition of Azerbaijan Television's "Target program" has been dedicated to the preventive measures taken against the coronavirus disease that has originated in China. The g...

    28 January, 15:15
  • AzTV filming cartoon about April battles

    Another meeting of the Artistic Council under "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" CJSC (AzTV) has been held. Addressing the meeting, chairman of the CJSC Rovshan Mammad...

    28 January, 14:45
  • Davos World Economic Forum discussed on "Target" program

    The 50th Davos World Economic Forum has been discussed on Azerbaijan Television's "Target" program. The guests of presenter Tofig Abbasov were doctor of economic sciences, profess...

    23 January, 12:50
  • Why has the Education Quality Assurance Agency been created? - Deputy Minister reveals on "Target"

    As earlier reported, the Education Quality Assurance Agency was established last year by the decree of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. What will be the impact of this agency?...

    22 January, 17:15
  • New London cab displayed for first time on AzTV -<mark>VIDEO<mark>

    The new London cab, which has been brought to Baku, has been displayed for the first time on Azerbaijan Television's "Telemorning" program. Press Secretary of the State Automobile...

    22 January, 11:00
  • Approval of Azerbaijan's credit rating by "Fitch Ratings" on "Target" program

    "Fitch Ratings" international rating agency has approved the long-term default rating of Azerbaijan in the foreign currency at "BB+" and the forecast at a "stable" level.   Today'...

    21 January, 17:20
  • Art figures, war veterans to talk about horrible moments - "Martyrs" this evening on AzTV

    A film-composition entitled "The Martyrs" will be screened on Azerbaijan Television this evening – January 20 at 21:00. The film tells about one of the gravest crimes against huma...

    20 January, 17:15
  • "We have not forgotten, we will not forget!" - AzTV's video dedicated to martyrs

    Azerbaijan Television has made a video in connection with the 30th anniversary of Bloody January 20 Tragedy. The video is dedicated to the memory of our sons and daughters who sac...

    20 January, 17:00
  • Rumors regarding gas limit reduction on “Target” – “AzeriGas” clears issue

    The topic of today's edition of Azerbaijan Television's "Target" program was the level of gasification in the country in the winter season, groundless information circulated in con...

    7 January, 16:00
  • List of concerts to be broadcast on AzTV in first week of 2020 announced

    The list of the concerts to be broadcast on Azerbaijan Television in the first week of 2020 has been announced. The musical holiday program will be displayed for music lovers from...

    28 December, 14:45
  • AzTV's retrospective holiday telecast - Most interesting editions of most watched programs

    Azerbaijan Television will dedicate the first week of 2020 to the retrospective holiday program. Thus, the most interesting editions of AzTV's most watched programs will go on air...

    27 December, 13:05
  • How will AzTV please its viewers at New Year?

    Azerbaijan Television has announced the list of the films and spectacles to be broadcast in the first week of 2020 – January 1-6. Local retro movie lovers should not forget to wat...

    26 December, 15:20
  • "A person, who cannot use “BakuCard”, heads a website" - Discussion on "Towards the Solution"

    The activity of press secretaries and PR departments of state institutions has been discussed on "Towards the Solution" talk-show of Azerbaijan Television. Press Secretary of the...

    25 December, 15:40
  • We have fulfilled their dreams – AzTV’s support for “ASAN Letter”

    The "ASAN Letter" project has been implemented for 4 years. Throughout this time, the dreams of more than 4, 000 children have come true. Since December 1st, every day, the dreams...

    23 December, 12:34
  • AzTV awarded

    Azerbaijan Television has been awarded in connection with the 2019 Year of Nasimi. Being a guest on the "Main Topic" program of AzTV, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Ecology an...

    20 December, 16:45
  • Photographer who visited Nasimi's tomb in Aleppo on AzTV

    Photographer Orkhan Azimov, who has made a photo reportage from the tomb of great Azerbaijani poet Imadaddin Nasimi in Syria’s Aleppo city, has been the guest of the "Main Topic" p...

    20 December, 11:05
  • AzTV resumes tradition after long break - "The Bell" to come to your house -<mark>VIDEO<mark>

    The shooting of the “Bell” film of Azerbaijan Television's “Sabah” Creativity Union has been completed. People’s Artists Jahangir Novruzov, Afag Bashirgizi, Saida Guliyeva, Jafar...

    19 December, 15:25
  • Armenians attack AzTV reporter in Russia -<mark>VIDEO<mark>

    The dismantling of the memorial plaque to Armenian fascist Garegin Nzhde in Armavir city of Russia’s Krasnodar province has outraged the Armenians. A group of Armenians living in A...

    3 December, 17:20
  • "The Step" photo exhibition held at Teleradio Academy

    The Teleradio Academy of Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting CJSC has been contributing to the training of the youth since it started operating. This time, the Teleradio A...

    1 November, 17:47