Longing of Karabakh horses also coming to end - REPORTAGE

Longing of Karabakh horses also coming to end -REPORTAGE

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Karabakh horses, one of the fastest, endurable and faithful horse breeds in the world... The horses that have become separated from their historical lands in connection with the occupation of our territories. However, like Karabakh natives, the IDP life of Karabakh horses is also coming to an end. It will be possible due to the liberation of Aghdam at the cost of the victories we obtain on the battlefield. For now, these unique horses are preserved in Aghjabadi. 

Karabakh horses have been separated from their lands for 27 years. As a result of the occupation, they overcame the distance from Aghdam to Aghjabadi. It is true that excellent conditions have been created for the horses here as well. Nonetheless, there is the center from which they have spread across the world and become famous: Karabakh, Aghdam...

Legendary Karabakh horses are very attractive with their golden-ginger colors. There was a time when French ladies dyed their hair and chignon the color of these animals.  

At present, approximately 300 horses of Karabakh breed are preserved at the Complex in Aghjabadi. Although they were on the verge of extinction a while ago, the fame of Karabakh horses has returned over the last 10 years as a result of the measures taken. Karabakh horses are nurtured in cages, and they are taken special care of.