Azerbaijan Radio launches project about soldiers on frontline - VIDEO

Azerbaijan Radio launches project about soldiers on frontline -VIDEO

22 October, 14:45 Share on social media:

A new project dedicated to courageous soldiers of our brave army has been launched on the Azerbaijani Radio.

The project has been presented to the public as 1-2-minute sound clips. Letters of soldiers to their mothers, as well as letter-addresses of famous figures to soldiers, are voiced in the clips.

You can listen to the letters written by our soldiers to their mothers in the “Dear mother” project which has become the voice of our servicemen.

These letters connected with the war remind us of the heroism of each soldier of our army.

The clips are aired every 15 minutes. Thus, at least 4 clips per hour are broadcast. So far, up to 100 clips have been made. Works in this direction are underway.

The video, in which a young boy talks on behalf of all the children killed by Armenian fascists, attracts special attention.

The Social Media and PR Department of Azerbaijan Television has visualized those sound clips in order to share it on social networks.

We present to you one of the videos.