Mother of two martyrs writes letter to President Ilham Aliyev: "Revenge for my children's blood has been taken"

Mother of two martyrs writes letter to President Ilham Aliyev: "Revenge for my children's blood has been taken"

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"My dear son, I am very happy in the recent days. The bravery of our army under your command does not leave the blood of my children without revenge. One of my sons became a martyr on the Murovdagh peak. The liberation of Murovdagh was a great event for me." 

Zakiyya Valiyeva has sent this letter to President Ilham Aliyev from Sumgayit city. The content of Mrs. Zakiyya's letter is a bit different and deeper from others. Two of her five children have become martyrs for the sake of the Motherland. One of them became a martyr in Murovdagh and the other one in Fuzuli... Now, hearing good news from Murovdagh, Fuzuli, she feels proud. She is shedding tears of joy.

While reading her letter to the President, one understands that you should love Azerbaijan as largely as Azerbaijan. For Mrs. Zakiyya, it means one 22-year-old and one 25-year-old sons, sacrificing two martyrs from one family. 

Thousands of mothers and fathers, parents like mother Zakiyya share their happiness connected with the successful military operations of the Azerbaijani army in Karabakh, the liberation of the lands with President Ilham Aliyev. People from all cities, regions and settlements of Azerbaijan, as well as from many countries of the whole world, write to the official website of the President. For instance, Fakhraddin Ismayilov from Shaki writes: 

"We are confident that the news of victory we will receive from You will be the guarantee of the happy future and warless lives of our children. 

Akif Shiraliyev from Ujar writes: "Although I am underage, I am ready to fight for the land at any moment. If you order, I will go to war and spare no efforts to help my soldier brothers." 

Ilaha Novruzova from Baku writes: "As the staff of Fuzulu region's secondary school No 45, we cordially support the courageous steps You take for the territorial integrity of our country, wish You and our Army success."

Rudaba Fatullayeva from Tovuz region writes: "We would like to note on behalf of residents of Alakol village that we are beside You and our Army till the last drop of our blood."

Each of the letters reflects the victorious morale of the Azerbaijani people. The superiority of the Azerbaijani army gives people trust in the army, creates trust in victory. Believing is 80% of success. 20% is waiting...

Aysham Rustamova