Azerbaijani president congratulates People’s Poet Fikrat Goja

Azerbaijani president congratulates People’s Poet Fikrat Goja

25 August, 16:21 Share on social media:

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has sent a congratulatory letter to People’s Poet Fikrat Goja.

“Dear Fikrat Goja,

I extend my congratulations to you – a prominent representative of modern Azerbaijani literature – as you celebrate your 85th anniversary, and wish you robust health and new successes,” the head of state wrote.

“With your unique style of expression and writing style you have made valuable contributions to the treasury of the Azerbaijani poetry, skillfully benefiting both from the bright traditions of Azerbaijani literature and achievements of world poetry. Your poetry, which is rich in lyrical and philosophical generalizations and dominated by a strong sense of innovation, is the embodiment of the unity of tradition and innovation. Today, everyone remembers a great number of songs composed to the poetic pieces written by you with love and respect for our language,” Azerbaijani president wrote.

“Your activity, which has become an expression of a poet's sensitive approach to world events, has always brought with it a deep social content. Worthy of high assessment are your poems in which you have always focused on praising the principles of freedom and independence, as well as your continuous productive activity aimed at enriching Azerbaijani literature with new achievements and developing modern literary processes in the light of the ideas of Azerbaijanism.

I hope that you will continue serving our people with your new works for many years to come,” President Ilham Aliyev said