Political crisis in Armenia discussed on "Target" program

Political crisis in Armenia discussed on "Target" program

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Azerbaijani MP Elshad Mirbashiroghlu, political scientist Zaur Mammadov, political analyst Anastasia Lavrina and MP, political scientist Rasim Musabayov have commented on the drastic public-political contradictions in Armenia on the "Target" program of Azerbaijan Television. 

The interviewees have highlighted that the Pashinyan regime is dragging Armenia to crisis, police violence is getting worse, political parties are boycotting parliamentary sessions and the political abyss is deepening. 

Famous Russian journalist and political commentator Yevgeny Mikhaylov has joined the "Target" studio via phone and spoken about the dramatic political process in Armenia, worsening of the relations with Russia and regime in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh, violation of human rights and other issues.