Azerbaijan's initiatives during pandemic in center of world's attention - Discussion on "Target"

18 May, 16:45 Share on social media:

Azerbaijan's initiatives and practical steps during the pandemic and thus, turning into the center of international attention have become the topic of discussions on the "Target" analytical-information program of Azerbaijan Television (AzTV). 

The guests of the program were MPs Samad Seyidov, Mahir Abbaszade and Hikmat Babaoghlu.

Samad Seyidov talked about the letter of U.S. President Donald Trump to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the call of the CISCO Company's administration to the head of our state. He said that the way out of the pandemic is to unite, and that in a short period of time, the steps impacting the world have been taken by Azerbaijan: "There are countries which could not pursue a normal policy in the time of the pandemic. Not only countries, but also big unions... A question regarding the European Union has arisen. Big countries have become helpless before this problem. However, Azerbaijan's initiatives have been perfectly reflected in Donald Trump's letter. Besides a big state, there is also an issue of great people. Greatness is not measured by geographical issues. The works carried out by Azerbaijan, initiatives taken, online conferences and solutions presented to the world for getting out of this disaster are the works done by the great people." 

Hikmat Babaoghlu said: "If we pay attention to Trump's letter, there are 5 messages here." The MP spoke about about those directions.