"No youngster takes MP as example" - Interesting discussion on AzTV

14 May, 17:00 Share on social media:

Murder and domestic violence cases have been discussed on "Towards the solution" talk show of Azerbaijan Television (AzTV).

MP Mushfig Mammadli noted that sometimes, people do not give an adequate reaction to cases: "There are some issues which you can solve through discussions, but sometimes, violence is demonstrated instead of this."

According to editor-in-chief of the "Azvision.az" website Vusal Mammadov, the further destiny of murderers is not publicized: "Murder is shown as the solution to the problem, its end. There is a problem, a murder has been committed, everything is over. What aren't the life of the murderer in prison and his tortures presented?"

Lawyer Shamil Pashayev said that sometimes, a positive reaction towards murderers is observed in the society: "We never see that some youngster takes an MP or a good journalist as a role model, but we can find numerous people who want to be like murderers."

Journalist V.Mammadov went on saying that the time when the criminal circle solved problems stayed in the 30s: "At that time, indeed, there was injustice in the society, it was the time of repressions and so on. People expected justice from "thieves-in-law". In the modern time, there is only one way to justice - court. There is no alternative of this." 

Main adviser of the Center for Social Research Ingilab Shahbazov emphasized that murders are usually committed because of an emotional state, but economic factors also play a role: "Recently, we have conducted research, and it has become clear that domestic conflicts prevail in regions where there are more low-income people." 

In turn, lawyer Shamil Pashayev said that this fact does not reflect the general landscape, and many crimes are committed because of greed.  

Associate professor of Azerbaijan Medical University Shahla Babayeva noted that a family plays an irreplaceable role in raising a child in healthy environment: "Children can watch programs in which violence is promoted. This is unacceptable. Families should pay special attention to this." 

Deputy director of the Modern Psychology Center Aida Nabiyeva said that no person is born as a murderer: "The society plays a role in the turning of somebody into a murderer."