What causes dissatisfaction of viewers in Azerbaijani TV industry? - Discussion on AzTV

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The activity of TV channels, shortcomings observed in the television field and possible solutions have been discussed on "Towards the solution" program of Azerbaijan Television (AzTV). 

Member of the National Television and Radio Council, honorable journalist Telli Panahgizi noted that the fact that TV channels are after ratings is connected with their business activity: "Ratings bring advertisements. This way, they try to earn money. After getting the breath of freedom, the society began to commend changes in the TV field, low quality programs started to be watched, there was a time when singers were presenters of programs. However, now, the reverse step is being observed. There is big interest in serious programs." 

Telejournalist Dilara Salim said that the function of TV is not only of educative nature: "Along with enlightening, television should also inform and entertain. We should not put all the responsibility on television. I would like to touch upon another issue that it is not right to confuse TV viewers with Facebook and Instagram audience, TV viewers are smart audience. There is entertainment on TV as well, there is also enlightenment, education and formation of taste. It does not exist on social media. In Russia, one of TV channels created a program connected with Instagram, they wanted to bring viewers from social media to TV, but that program did not last even for one season and did not yield any results." 

"The TV channels, which have gathered audience and got ratings, have made one mistake - they could not keep viewers, they could not make a transition from entertainment to educative content," T.Panahgizi added. 

Editor-in-chief of the "Iki sahil" (Two shores) newspaper, honorable journalist Vugar Rahimzade emphasized that TV has great power in the formation of the entire society: "Nevertheless, there are also serious problems in the TV field. There are show programs that lead to the separation of families. Young people try to be like people on programs, they accept TV as a role model.  

Chairperson of the Cultural Committee of Milli Majlis (Parliament) Ganira Pashayeva, who connected to the program, said that TV channels should take into account that all the Azerbaijanis in the world watch them: "The number of programs related to the Azerbaijani language, history and culture should be increased. One of the main functions of media is to enlighten. We cannot sacrifice the society to ratings." 

Psychiatrist Elmir Akbar highlighted that today, the damage done by many programs to Azerbaijani viewers is not only moral terror: "They present people, who have no relation to psychology, as psychologists or psychiatrists. This is a crime. The person, who makes this program, is not interested in this, because he is not a journalist either."  

Honorable journalist Yunis Oruj said that the activity of TV has come forward during the pandemic: "The fake news circulated on social media during this period has shocked everybody. In this period, TV has come forward as a serious news source. Maybe, for the first time in the independence history, Azerbaijani TV channels gave such an operative and dynamic reaction to urgent situations." 

Telejournalist Gunay Yelmargizi pointed out that TV should not follow viewers: "I think that TV should take viewers with itself with interesting materials, enlightening and forming viewers' taste. It is possible to present even a show with taste."

Deputy chairman of the Press Council, media expert Mushfig Alasgarli said that according to the latest estimates of international organizations, 60% of the information disseminated on social media is lies: "The best way to prevent the spread of such false information is the activity of professional mass media. We should say that TV channels play a leading role in the information field."