President Ilham Aliyev: “I am confident that citizens will follow these rules”

6 April, 17:25 Share on social media:

“As a result of the preventive measures taken, currently, the coronavirus has not spread widely in Azerbaijan. Every day, hundreds of people die in developed countries of the world, and the health system of no country can deal with the growing number of patients. It should be a lesson for us. The purpose of taking preventive measures in Azerbaijan and taking steps in accordance with the situation was to protect the lives and health of people and not to allow the wide spread of the disease in Azerbaijan,” said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev addressing the Azerbaijani people after the opening of the medical mask manufacturing enterprise created by the “Baku Textile Factory” Ltd. At Sumgayit Chemical Industry Park.

The head of state noted that all the measures taken so far have yielded results: “It is enough to say that so far, 45, 000 tests have been conducted in Azerbaijan. Now, the number of patients, the number of deaths, at the same time, the number of tests conducted are reflected in various Internet resources. Everyone can enter those websites and see. Azerbaijan is one of the leading countries of the world where this number of tests has been conducted. It has given us an opportunity to detect the disease, render operative medical service to patients and at the same time, to protect ourselves from a greater disease. So far, we could achieve it.

At the same time, taking operative measures and relevant steps depending on the situation has yielded its results. The new quarantine rules, which entered into force on April 5, have one purpose – not to allow the wide spread of this disease in Azerbaijan. The rules adopted before April 5 and the new rules have the same purpose. I have numerously said that we should demonstrate national unity, solidarity and responsibility. However, in the current situation, taking into account the rules, which entered into force on April 5, citizens should demonstrate discipline, because serious measures will be taken against who violate the rules, and these measures have already been defined. I am confident that citizens will follow these rules, and thus, the disease will not spread widely, we will get through the situation with less losses.”