Interior Ministry: "6 people arrested, 3, 800 fined for breaching quarantine regime"

6 April, 13:30 Share on social media:

Within the framework of the supervisory measures taken for the fight against the coronavirus, it was detected that 2 catering facilities in Baku and overall, 5 catering facilities across the country were operating from April 5 until 6 and breaching the special quarantine regime.
According to the Interior Ministry, one of the owners of those facilities has been arrested, and 4 of them have been fined.
Throughout the day, a total of 3, 796 people, 1, 588 of which from Baku, have been fined, and 5 people have been arrested for violating the quarantine regime.
At the same time, one person has received a warning for spreading false information about the coronavirus on social networks, as well as on WhatsApp.
Overall, throughout the past 24 hours, 6 people have been arrested, and 3, 800 people have been fined, 1 person has been warned.