Activity of regular bus lines may be completely suspended

27 March, 15:19 Share on social media:

Despite the fact that the number of passengers transported via regular bus lines in the special quarantine regime has reduced by 60-70%, the number of buses on a daily route has not been decreased. 

According to Baku Transport Agency (BTA), transport companies have been instructed to clean buses taking into account the current epidemic situation. The objective is, first of all, to ensure the transportation of Azerbaijani citizens working in facilities of state significance, as well as other important service fields. 

"However, we note with regret that some passengers do not follow the special quarantine regime and recommendations and go outside without a necessity. As a result, the passenger density is observed on buses on some routes in the morning and evening hours. In turn, it causes a danger to the health of those whose activity is vital for each of us. 

The existing situation makes it necessary to impose additional restrictions on regular bus lines. In this case, the activity of regular bus lines will be completely suspended, and passenger transportation will be carried out only via express bus lines operating only in certain directions. 

We once again call on citizens to stay indoors and follow rules and recommendations for their own health and comfort," the statement of Baku Transport Agency reads.