Additional 20 mln AZN to be allocated for fight against COVID-19

19 March, 16:35 Share on social media:

"In early March, 10 mln AZN were allocated for the fight against the coronavirus. Today, I declare that 20 mln AZN will be allocated from the Reserve Fund of the President for the more efficient fight against the disease and increase of the financial insurance of doctors serving coronavirus patients," said President Ilham Aliyev congratulating the Azerbaijani people on the occasion of Novruz Holiday.

The head of state emphasized: "We take this into consideration as well. I would like to express gratitude to Azerbaijani doctors once again. They selflessly fight against this disease, put their health in danger. However, high responsibility and the oath the have made, surely, make them do it. Patients should also pay great attention to doctors. This is the disease never seen in the world before, and the scale of the spread of the disease is not known. This disease spreads fast in developed countries within 1-2 days. It shows that there is like the accumulation period of this disease, afterwards, the illness spreads fast."