President about those carrying out campaign against Minister: "We know perpetrators well"

16 March, 17:45 Share on social media:

"I have given you the instruction to conduct serious monitoring, audit. I also know that you faced great resistance from local executive bodies when you started applying this audit. Provocations were carried out against you, at the same time, dirty campaigns were carried out in media," said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev while receiving Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Sahil Babayev.  

The head of state added: “We also know very well the perpetrators of this campaign. They have no place among us. Therefore, all these works should be taken under full control by the Ministry. How is the current situation, how many citizens have been provided with such jobs this year and how is the control mechanism?”

Sahil Babayev answered the head of state: “Dear Mr. President, you have mentioned correctly, providing 38, 000 people with jobs is great support for our people both in terms of unemployment, and employment. At the same time, attracting additional work force resources in our regions is also support for the solution of a number of existing problems. Last year, 38, 000 workers were attracted through the DOST Work Center created in connection with this.

At your task, we have conducted monitoring. As a result of the monitoring, it was detected that 9, 000 people had been suspended from these jobs. In connection with this, we informed both local executive authorities, and relevant institutions and suspended them from duties. Overall, 47, 000 appointments were made instead of 38, 000. It is true that some of them applied there for objective reasons – they found other job, but the majority is connected with the detection of suspension as a result of the monitoring. Besides, to ensure public transparency, the names of people involved in public jobs in every region have been placed on the Internet portal.

We have addressed media and citizens numerous times that public transparency and public control are fully ensured. We told them to inform us about any negative fact and these works should be continued on their basis. There is significant progress after the crucial steps taken by you. We really see very positive dynamics in many directions. In some cases, the cleaning process is conducted in a very difficult way, but fully. At the same time, we have also tried to ensure sustainability in order not to leave citizens aside, because dismissing 38, 000 people in December and signing labor contracts with 38, 000 people again could take enough time and lead to the loss of the one-month salary. Therefore, we have ensured sustainability. I would like to especially highlight that a number of newly appointed heads of Executive Powers have conducted serious monitoring and inventory. Unfair conditions have been removed from the lists submitted to us.”