Guba famous not only for apple, but also for cherry - Great demand on foreign markets

6 March, 15:30 Share on social media:

Even though Guba is known for its apple, recently, farmers are also interested in the cultivation of cherry which price is affordable and which has many customers. Cherry gardens are expanded year by year. Currently, there is a cherry garden with the area of almost 600 ha in the region. 

The main reason of the growing interest in cherry cultivation is the great demand for this product cultivated in our country on foreign markets. Unlike the previous years, now, farmers prefer to plant superintensive gardens which are more fruitful.

It is necessary to paint the stem of fruit trees with lime for their development. It protects trees from insects and the sun rays. Thus, in the afternoon, the stem of a tree heats up from the sun rays, and in the evening, it cools down, as a result, cracks emerge in its stem. Mushrooms and insects developing in those areas cause the weakening of the tree.  

By the middle of March, spraying will be carried out with burgundy liquid and spring oils. At the further stages, trees will be provided with fertilizers and water; measures against pesticides will be taken. Starting from June, the harvested fruit is exported to foreign markets. Last year, cherry in the amount of approximately 20 mln AZN was exported from Guba to Russian markets.


Elnur Teymurov