First Tuesday of Novruz celebrated in Azerbaijan

25 February, 15:39 Share on social media:

Today, Azerbaijan marks the first Tuesday of Novruz.

This Tuesday is also called “First Tuesday”, “Novruz of Waters”. On Water Tuesday, water and water sources are renewed, renovation works are carried out in water basins, various celebrations regarding water are held.

Water Tuesday is connected with the worship of water. Before the dawn, people go to water, wash their face and hands, spray water on each other, jump over water, throw water on their wounds. According to people’s beliefs, on Water Tuesday, people, who go through “new water”, leave their grief, sufferings in last year. On this day, different ceremonies are held on water, songs are sung in honor of ancient Turkic water gods Aban and Yadan.

It is noteworthy that Fire Tuesday will be celebrated on March 3 and Wind Tuesday on March 10 in Azerbaijan. The last Tuesday of Novruz will be marked on March 17. On March 19, the holiday evening and on March 20, the holiday will be celebrated in our country.