Naftalan brand being created - REPORTAGE

Naftalan brand being created -REPORTAGE

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In 2019, approximately 40, 000 local and foreign tourists visited Naftalan. It is the 11.4% increase compared to 2018. The launch of the tourism development plan of world-known Naftalan will turn this city into the center for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Naftalan oil is different from other oil by its physical and chemical makeup. The works carried out for the promotion of this oil as the Azerbaijani brand will make a contribution to the transition of Naftalan into one of the touristic cities of the world.

Currently, 12 sanatoriums operate in Naftalan. Five out of those 12 sanatoriums are 5-star sanatoriums. All the necessary conditions have been created inside the sanatoriums for tourists who come here for treatment.

The execution of Naftalan's tourism development plan will lead to the development of other tourism projects of the city. A number of innovative projects have already been launched in Naftalan. Wheelchair ramps will be installed in streets and avenues, as well as parks, for ensuring the comfortable movement of disabled people.

The further development of Naftalan's tourism potential and the creation of a new tourism brand have brought the State Tourism Agency and entrepreneurs together. Discussions on the logo of the brand and target markets will be held at the seminars to be organized for this purpose. Tourism is considered the most profitable field of the country after the oil export.   

The creation of Naftalan tourism brand is the first step for the promotion of the miraculous oil as "Made in Azerbaijan" in the world. This is also another step taken for the restoration of Naftalan's previous fame.


Khalig Gurbanli, Sadan Zeynalov