Reportage from residential unit for IDPs in Ujar

Reportage from residential unit for IDPs in Ujar

17 February, 17:00 Share on social media:

A residential unit for İDPs has been commissioned in Ujar region. The unit established in the 4.5-ha area and consisting of 250 houses is one of the steps taken by the state for the improvement of living conditions of IDPs.

This is the 109th settlement established for IDPs. Six residential buildings have been constructed in the new residential complex established in the 4.5-ha area. A school for 220 pupils, a kindergarten for 100 children, an administrative building, club-community center, relevant engineering communications networks have been created, renovation and greening works have been carried out.

Jamila Taghiyeva, who lost her husband and brother in the Karabakh war, is one of those who has reached comfort by moving to the new settlement. The interviewee, who has lived in Ujar for 27 years, has raised her 4 children: "Our state has provided us with all the necessary conditions. I receive the Presidential scholarship. The President has given us the 3-room apartment. Therefore, I express my gratitude. The rooms are spacious; we have electricity, water and gas. Our house has all the conditions."

Jamila Taghiyeva's 91-year-old father Shiraslan Taghiyev has also been provided with an apartment in the new settlement. He says that both he and his children have been provided with constant care by the state. His only dream is to see the day when our lands are liberated.

All the necessary conditions have been created in the new residential complex for the comfort of residents. To ensure the electricity supply, reconstruction works have been carried out at the "Ujar" substation, and the 10-kW new closed distribution device has been commissioned in the territory of the substation. The 0.37-km pipeline has been laid; water reservoirs and pumps have been built to ensure the water supply.  

Surveillance cameras have been set up in each building to ensure security. Renovation works have been carried out in the new residential complex; the 2-km asphalt-concrete has been paved; greening works have been carried out in the area.


Samir Guliyev